The Sony Walkman NWZ W252 is a new kind of MP3 player. It has a wire-free, wearable style, that is good for people who wish a music player for the gym and not like the previous version, and more than it is water-proof.It can be quite uncomfy if in use for a prolonged amount of your time as the ear buds are fairly heavy, which is understandable considering the controls and battery are attached to the aspect.This particular model of Sony Walkman is convenient because its all in one design integrates the player into the headphones, therefore there are no cords to tangle on anything and no player to put in your pocket or clip on your shirt.

Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 are designed with running or exercise in mind which makes them very versatile. You can also washed the dishes and easily modified your garments while not removing them. They are nice for being attentive to music while you are on the go, doing all types of activities. They are even water / sweat resistant, though a slightly cheaper non-water-proof model is on the market likewise.

The design incorporates in ear headphones that deliver well balanced sound quality. Noise from the environment can easily be eliminated with the degree up, so do take care if you’re running traveling. The headphones are connected by a durable cable that runs behind the top. Play and volume controls are embedded into the right ear piece, and there’s a shuffle button on the left ear piece. A water-resistant cap protects the standard USB mini connector and therefore the ear pieces are held together by a magnet when not in use that turns the player off automatically. Sony additionally offer a plastic “carrier” that keep the headphones along and prevent magnetic leakage to protect your credit cards during storage.

Despite the wearability flaws, the concept of the look is pretty smart. It has no cables – which means that you have got more freedom to maneuver – simple to master controls – that includes shuffle, pause, play and volume. It conjointly incorporates ZAPPIN™ technology that allows the listener to scan through their assortment of songs by paying attention to a little/long clip of every song, creating it easier to search out the song you want to concentrate to.Zappin can play the most recognisable part of a tune if you’ve got loaded your music using the Sony software, or it will skip to the forty five second mark and play from there. You can opt for between “Zappin long” – a 15 second sample or “Zappin short” – a four second clip. Zappin will be a great manner to mix it up if you are a bit bored along with your current choice or not positive of specifically what you’re feeling like listening to.

The theme of simplicity continues when you connect this player to your Windows PC – It’s detected as a Walkman device automatically and music can be copied directly to the player directory, so zero further software is required however Sony does supply proprietary software if you’d like to use it to create playlists and configure the Zappin functionality. You’ll be able to play along with your music line up whereas the Walkman charges on its snazzy Sony cradle, the device takes regarding an hour to induce a full charge and provides around 11 hours of playback time.

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