Netgear Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender is very cool product!!!

The device extends wireless coverage. If you have a dead spot where you want to use something with a wireless affiliation, this is often a great resolution. But it conjointly has an RJ-45 (Ethernet) connector on it thus you’ll be able to use this to plug in items that don’t have wireless capability however do have wired. This unit will give them wireless capability.

It very is simple to set one of these up. It’s a fairly compact case – regarding the dimensions of a large wall-wart with the antennas already attached. All you do is take the factor out of its box and plug it in. If you have got a wireless router/switch with a WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button on it, all you would like to try and do is press the WPS button on this and on the router and that they can automatically connect.

The setup was as straightforward as plugging it in, telling your computer to attach to the WN3000RP with the network name and then putting into a browser window. That gets you the essential setup where you can give it the settings to attach to your wireless network. Again, if your router has WPS capability, you do not even want to try and do this. Just press a button.

Once the WN3000RP connected, it enabled all the fun settings on this issue and it is very configurable. Very nothing exotic for a wireless device, however all the things you wish if you want to do more than an obvious vanilla setup and lock down your network.

SSID broadcast, MAC address filtering, connected device list (with the intriguing heading of “Wireless Devices (Wireless intruders additionally show up here)”), the flexibility to line a static IP, set gateway, DNS, DHCP, subnet, etc. It’s all there, plus saving off or restoring from a config file if you want. And firmware updates.

Also, the “Wireless intruders also show up here” bit isn’t any joke. The power to examine that list will let you see who might be interloping. It’s a nice diagnostic. But the WN3000RP permits you to lock it down where you should never see a interloper in the slightest degree if you so choose.

The wireless extender signal can accommodate multiple clients and as mentioned, the wired RJ-45 port will accommodate wired network devices and even the uplink or WAN ports of another router/switch if you wanted to use this to bridge networks wirelessly or turn a wired network security camera into a wireless one.

You will find the device is very helpful!!!


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