Smart phone is really becoming sensational and new technology is upgrading everyday. HTC has come out with new Concept Phone.The innovative and practical concept phone is intended by Francois Rybarczyk.

The idea behind the Autonome is that it’s a smartphone with an external battery embedded into the device. This takes out unnecessary bulk and at the same time can give users with a backup source of battery should they forget to bring their chargers out with them. The chassis of the prototype integrated plug that fits nearly any wall outlet.

The external battery is fitted into the rear of the phone  and will be easily softened out. It will conjointly feature its own two-prong AC wall adapter therefore you will be able to charge your device and therefore the external battery wherever you go so long as a power outlet is offered, and without the necessity for cables.

The smartphone is switched on to the network, like every appliance, and additionally is capable of charging the most battery, recharge the battery charge is further.


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1 thought on “HTC Autonome Concept Phone

  1. works great, but just have to ciidntoon it properly, and charge it up to its full potential, and wtih power management programs it can last for days. one thing i knotice is that its power levels drops dramatically alot faster when power is reaching below 15 percent. could have just bought a extra batter for 8 bucks to last through out the day, if not lazy like me.

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