If you are looking for a rugged, military-styled gaming headset for your home cockpit or just some great gaming sound, you will love the Blackshark.

Smart headphones are hard to come back by. Audio equipment is especially difficult to buy because it requires a level of personalization not necessary for so many other peripherals. It has to sound right, feel right, look right, fit for hours at a time, connect the right way. Other things, like mice, keyboards, monitors, and even stereo speakers can be good enough. Headphones have to figure on thus several levels, or we tend to’ll throw them within the corner to collect dirt.

That’s why you will be very surprised with Razer’s Blackshark. It does not follow any of Razer’s previous lines of headphones, and it’s not a surround-sound set. In fact, it’s only out there as a result of Electronic Arts wished a headset specially branded for their biggest unleash of last year, Battlefield 3. And therefore the two corporations build that very clear with the whole design, not just the logo plastered on the top of the headband. The Blackshark appearance prefer it belongs on a helicopter pilot while he is shooting missiles at enemy combatants. Orange wires stick out in an organized fashion that offer great distinction to the silver and black frame. A metal band connects the 2 cans, and Razer intentionally let it show for that very real, very grit look.

These over-the-ear headphones come with extremely comfortable leather-covered cans. They’re the most comfortable gaming headphones you might ever worn. The leather is plush and thick, and just feels like it melts onto your ears. At first glance the Blackshark looks like an on-ear set, but once you feel just how thick the leather is, you see how much room there is. This absurd level of thickness also provides excellent sound isolation. The Blackshark is one amongst the few gaming headsets¬† t with audio reproduction because it does with blocking outside noise.

Audio quality is also top-notch, whether it’s for games or music of video. Tones are very accurate, sound is soft but clear, and the Blackshark is thoroughly enjoyable to wear for just about anything. Because it is a stereo headset, it connects via 3.5mm auxiliary jack, and like so many devices uses one cable for both incoming audio and the microphone. This means the Blackshark can work with most phones for gaming or calls. The relatively small size and thick cups also make the Blackshark suitable for use in bed, for those who enjoy such luxuries.

The microphone boom is also detachable, and will get replaced fully by a slight knob that attaches magnetically. This is smart because the microphone is fairly large, and whereas it provides excellent sound quality, if you are not using it, it will block your read. The included knob seals off the connector and snaps into place terribly easily.

Headband gives the Blackshark a very distinctive look. The Blackshark is very light at 290 grams and the earcups caress without chaffing. The design of the headset is certainly impressive. Additionally, the Blackshark did not compress the sides of your head like some other headsets. Overall, this unit gets some serious marks in the comfort department.Installing the Razer Blackshark is very simple, as you just plug the 3.5 mm jacks into your soundcard – there is no special software required to use it.

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