It is not a rare thing nowadays to see people using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on the street. If you would like a phablet, this is the best choice out there which could make you ignore other choices.

When Samsung first debuted the Galaxy Note smartphone, there have been masses critics which mentioned that the device was too big to be a phone and nobody wished a stylus for their daily activities anyway. However opposed to the earlier criticisms, throughout the past year Samsung Galaxy Note has proven the precise opposite to the tune of millions sold. Now the Note is back for a second act with an even bigger display and some new tricks.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a similar appearance with Samsung Galaxy S3 with aesthetic trimmings nearer to the smartphone flagship than the primary Galaxy Note. In fact a number of design tweaks have been done to bring the Note series to uphold with Samsung’s 2012 devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an entertainment powerhouse and an equally potent communication center. It features 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen – the foremost colorful and vibrant we have seen. Watching movies and videos are fantastic with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as it provides detailed and sharp display. You may forget carrying a phone in your hand!

Although it offers various features for the users, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 remains a sizable phone that cannot match easily into tight pants pockets. Although this matter does not concern everyone, you must take note about its size before going to purchase this device.

The most memorable accessory for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not other than its S Pen. The stylus makes digital note-taking a pleasure although S Pen is still not the best stylus on the market. Therefore if you are a doodler or a scribbler, it is a fun gadget.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note a pair of falls into the phablet class which is a cross between a phone and tablet, it will not fully replace the iPad or the Nexus 7 as its features is still not in par to that extent.

The Galaxy Note II is a worthy second act for Samsung’s massive screen phone. It makes a good better case for the inclusion of the stylus than the first generation, improves on performance and battery life, and does it all whereas not adding bulk. A giant smartphone isn’t for everyone. For the folks who crave larger screens and don’t want a pill, the Note 2 is the simplest selection offered right now.

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