If your are looking great headset for playing video games, ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset offers a great deal for you!!!

The ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset offers true 5.1-channel surround sound in contrast to another gaming headsets.  As a surround sound headset, the Kave works like competitors at the top of its class.It options 40mm speakers that are aligned at a 12 degree angle towards your ears for a a lot of comprehensive expertise.

The foremost fineness of the Kave is how so much the speakers are recessed within the cups of the earphones, that have a thick, soft layer of padding separating the speaker from the ear.The plush padding of the ear cups provide ventilation and comfort, so there’s no heat buildup on your ears, and the use of three separate, flexible pads on the inside of the top headband keep the pressure off the top of the head and feel good even after wearing for a long time. A detachable microphone and an easily accessible desktop management unit round out the functionality of the package.The Roccat Kave management unit additionally includes a mic mute button and a game/movie switcher so that you don’t must fully redo your settings just as a result of you’ve got slipped into a less active type of entertainment.

The microphone is receptive and therefore the sound output levels are very sturdy for the foremost part, thus in terms of functionality, the Roccat Kave has the products to compete. It conjointly encompasses a nice look to it, with the bulky, sturdy thickness of the plastic chassis and the easy black of the unit then again the faint blue on the logo, the blue LED surrounding where the microphone plugs in, and also the blue LED that turns on at the top of the microphone when it’s muted. The Roccat Kave looks nice, sounds nice, and feels nice, and if you don’t have already got a most popular headset for gaming, undoubtedly contemplate making an attempt one of these out.

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