You might have been avoiding from buying an MP3 player for years because you have your own CD set in your car. And then you quickly realized that you need a music collection of several thousand albums where you need something with high storage capability. And the iPod Classic with 160GB meets these criteria handsomely!

We were pleasantly shocked to see that Apple had reissued the Classic version!

Though the iPod may be a fantastic little device with a massive capability, the software is not there without its troubles. You can download the most current version of iTunes and immediately began importing your MP3 files from your hard drive. This method can take a while, but not a lot of longer than any other media player.

The player itself is astounding. You will be provided terribly user-friendly and intuitive interface and that is why we would positively recommend this iPod Classic 160GB to any music fan with a giant collection. Simply remember to wait and see when getting the design for all of these older albums.

You might not a high-end user but you have to care about massive storage capability, simple use, and glorious sound quality, and the new iPod Classic has all of these in spades at a comparatively affordable value.


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