It’s no longer necessary to jot down about how fascinating the Amazon Kindle is or to compare it with other e-readers that you can find today. Books and text and reading are with us to remain; solely paper is changing into unnecessary. What we can discuss is how well a tool performs its intended task(s), and how it compares to its competition on an absolute basis and for the value.

What we can say is the Kindle itself undergone an improvement over an already excellent product. Smaller, but not too little to be held comfortably, sharper and crisper and got better. And yeah.. the page turning buttons are silent, but have sufficient tactile feedback – a glorious feeling!

The instruction manual is quite lengthy, however very easy to be understood and as within the pass the manual additionally will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file thus you’ll be able to read the directions from your laptop as you apply them to the K3.

Each Kindle 3 has its own email address and you’ll be able to send documents to it as well as Word and PDF documents and photos. The photos are B&W but very clear. Kindle 3 lets you surfing the Internet and you will love it.

If you are planning on getting some good books and you got reliable access to Wifi such as at your home, office, Starbucks or McDonald, I recommend you consider whether go for for 3G+Wifi or Wifi only.


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A new gadget that lasts only five minutes is worth more than an immortal work that bores everyone.

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