This device is really great.Setup was quick and painless. You plugged the camera into your router with the included cable and after checking your router settings for the IP address, you may access the camera straight from a browser. On the settings page you can modified the username/password, adjusted the pan/tilt speed and added your wireless settings. There are a lot of alternative choices, but these are the basics to induce up and running and permit placement of the camera anywhere inside range of your wireless router with solely the facility adapter.

The image is clear and works in all lightweight conditions from total darkness to sunlight. The IR is very useful in each of my toddlers rooms at midnight. The wide angle permits you to see a lot and with the pan/tilt you will see everything.

If you have iPhones and you have a tendency to use an app called “Foscam Surveillance”, it should works very well with these cameras (including the pan/tilt operate) and is solely $5. You will additionally access these cameras from outside your home over the web either from a browser on say your computer at work or using the app on your iPhone.


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