There are plenty of varieties of home broadband to ensure that there is a sort that will suit everyone’s internet needs. Broadband itself though does have some advantages and disadvantages, and these are definitely something that people looking into changing their home broadband should be aware of.


  1. Variety of types – there are a variety of types of broadband connections meaning that no matter where you live, there will be some sort of broadband connection that will be available for you. If you live in urban areas, the most popular connection is a cable connection, in particular fibre optic broadband, but if you live in more rural areas, DSL connection is more likely to be the option for you.
  2. Not charged per use – With broadband connection, you are charged a monthly fee rather than being charged as and when you use it. This is really convenient if you use the internet a lot, meaning that you won’t have to pay more to do so or that you don’t have to worry about price changes depending on the time of day that you use it.
  3. Convenient – With broadband, the internet is always on meaning that there is no waiting around for anything to load and so on; meaning that broadband is a very fast and convenient service.
  4. Package deals are available – often broadband can be provided by the same companies that provide your cable television or phone and this can mean that you can get a package deal that will save you money.


  1. Unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited – Broadband is often advertised as unlimited although it doesn’t always live up to this, with some companies limiting how much heavy users can download at certain times. This means that you need to ensure you read the terms and conditions of any contract carefully before signing to a particular service.
  2. Cable isn’t available everywhere – cable broadband isn’t available everywhere, particularly in rural communities, meaning that not everyone will have access to the service.

As you can see, home broadband has plenty more advantages than it does disadvantages. If you want to find out more information on what home broadband options are available in your home, click here.

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