Sony DVP-FX970 9-Inch Portable DVD Player:Easy and Handy!!!

If you love watching movies and videos, Sony DVP-FX970 9-Inch Portable DVD Player might fulfill your need.

The swiveling hinge feels very sturdy and has a little bit of a snap to it when it closes.Most of the controls go across the underside of the screen. They are all touch controls with the only exception being the 5-manner rocker switch that you utilize to navigate and click on menu picks. The bit controls work very well.

Image and audio quality automatically detects side ratio and displays accordingly. the picture quality- it’s very crisp and clear.It conjointly includes a “sound” feature where you’ll change to varied sound qualities like “Dynamic sound,” “Standard,” “Dialog,” etc. When you change sound quality, adjust the sound level and you will be impressed. It sounds like you’re within the theater.Highly recommend this.

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