iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

If you are preparing yourself to upgrade your iPhone model and looking for a brand new iPhone, it is whether you go for iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus. For iPhone consumers – a new upgrade is something worth waiting for.

For most consumers, the question of the moment is not whether or not to get a new iPhone, but which one? Buy iPhone 6 or buy iPhone 6 Plus?

The alternative between the two iPhones provides the Apple customers massive choices as they obviously look identical but both have their own strengths and weaknesses and as well as different user experiences.

Yes – size is the clearest distinction. The iPhone 6 itself is bigger than any previous iPhone however it is smaller when compared to iPhone 6 Plus. And it comes with bigger dimensions, battery and more expensive price.

Both phones are well crafted, but the smaller size of the iPhone 6 means it’s more ergonomic. Thus it wins the design round.

Both phones include A8 64-bit processors, 1GB of RAM, M8 motion coprocessors and 8MP rear facing cameras. However the iPhone 6 Plus benefits from OIS (optical image stabilization) while the iPhone 6 makes do with EIS (electronic image stabilization).

You might face the identical question on this matter. iPhone 6 Plus might be too big for you but it can be an exclusive computing device for you as the ample storage space should accommodate all of your songs, videos, photos and apps.

Value is of course a consideration. Thus you need to consider features and edges related to these two phones to justify the value.

Choose the same as way as you choose your shirts & shoes. Think about how you are going to use it, how you will hold it around and whether it fits your need..

The most common thing for these two phones are they are not come to you at low cost, and you need to brace yourself and choose wisely as it is one of the most expensive smartphone around.

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