If you have an iPad or iPad 2 and you want it to be protected from scratch this one you wanna look at it.

The Smart Case for the New iPad and iPad is a very good and innovative design. Like the Smart Case, elevate its lid and therefore the iPad will automatically come to life.  Shut it and it will go to sleep.  And now if you place the iPad’s back onto an abrasive surface, its aluminum facade can stay intact as if were brand new thanks to a Polyurethane finish. The Apple iPad Smart Case comes in six “vibrant” colors and includes a matching microfiber for sharpening the screen.

Simply put, it’s the Smart Case attached to a skinny case for the aluminum back of the iPad. It’s less streamlined than the initial, however adds protection for the whole pill, rather than simply its screen.The Smart Case is created from the identical grippy, rubberized polyurethane material and soft, felt-like microfiber lining found in the initial.

Smart Case stays place once you toss iPad in your bag, rest it on a table, or sling it under your arm. And since the microfiber lining gently buffs off any smudges or fingerprints as you move, iPad continuously appearance smart on arrival.

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