If you love wireless headphone like high-quality sound, Sennheiser has produced a “dessert.” Wireless RS 220 model uses a wide band spread-spectrum modulation with Direct Sequence (DSSS).

The RS 220 system also doesn’t assign an optimum signal volume to its digital data packages.This may be a good factor, as it keeps the dynamic vary of the music intact – some wireless systems average out the signal, so the quiet sections of a piece end up being louder than supposed, and therefore the loud elements quieter. The RS 220 take to a brand new level of audiophile listening appreciation with the digital wireless RS 220. Comprising of an open, circumaural headphone and a svelte designed transmitter, this digital wireless headphone system delivers an uncompressed sound performance equaling those of high-end wired headphones.

The headphones themselves incorporate dynamic transducers with neodymium magnets; have a frequency response of 16 to 22,000 hertz, and a maximum sound pressure level of 106 decibels. Closed headphones have soft ear cushions and adjustable headband. They are powered by a rechargeable battery pack that offers 8 hours of music playback per charge. Onboard controls permit users to adjust volume and balance, select tracks, and to change between audio sources, because the transmitter has analogue, coaxial digital and optical digital inputs.

The transmitter puts out an uncompressed a 2 GHz signal, that will reach the headphones’ receiver at a distance of up to 100 meters (328 ft) among a clean line of sight, or 30 meters (98 ft) if not in the identical area. It can conjointly serve two sets of the headphones at once.

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