The Rokbed™ v3 is designed to be the foremost practical iPhone 4/4s case ever created. The Rokbed™ v3 is more than simply a case; it includes never before seen features like an integrated lock mechanism, anti-slip grip, detachable lanyard and optional magnet insert. Constructed using powerful polycarbonate which has been re-enforced in critical areas, the Rokbed v3 is also one among the foremost protecting iPhone four/4s cases offered.

Rokbed™ v3 is not just simply a case; it’s a system. The new v3 includes never before seen options like an integrated lock mechanism, anti slip grip, detachable lanyard and optional magnet insert. Created from robust polycarbonate that’s bolstered in important areas the Rokbed™ v3 is additionally one in every of the most protective iPhone four/4s cases on the market these days. It was designed and made within the USA.

Rokform intends to create a splash with their unique Rokbed v3 iPhone case, having picked up an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in the method. This case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S options outstanding style and engineering, and the first time you lay your eyes on it, you would undoubtedly be surprised at the brilliant, daring colors and cutting edge form issue.

Rokbed V.3’s daring visual signature includes a series of unique chamfer-edged openings and textures. These openings provide structure, protection, button/port access, and also the platform for 3 integrated accent parts.

The predominant integrated design feature utilised by the Rokbed V.3 is the Quadlok—a four-position notched circular cavity built to figure along with our mounted base accent component. The bottom integrates perfectly with the Rokbed V.three via the Quadlok key-like fitment into the back of the duvet.

The base is a mounting accessory that may be connected to most semi-exhausting surfaces by a equipped screw or special VHB tape. The bottom functions as a designated, secure location for the iPhone. The base allows the iPhone to be locked into 4 separate secure positions. Likewise, the base will be mounted on vertical surfaces along with on or underneath horizontal surfaces. Applications include home, office, search, industrial, marine, automotive, defense and law enforcement.

The base has additionally been designed to accommodate a clip feature. The clip will be securely attached to trousers or belt at the waist. The clip is good for iPhone users with restricted pocket house who need each hands to remain free when the iPhone is not in use.

The next integrated accent design feature is the anti slip grip component. Made from textured thermoplastic artificial rubber; this part offers non-slip traction on most surfaces. The grip feature encompasses a stylistic debossed brand. The grip houses an optional rare earth magnet that permits the Rokbed V.3to be affixed to any magnetic surface or object in any position.


Rokbed v3 Highlights:

Injection molded polycarbonate upper and lower frame.
Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) non slip grip insert.
Integrated lock mechanism.
Remote locking system can be mounted virtually anywhere.
Removable hi tensile wrist lanyard.
Optional Magnet kit accessible separately.
Designed, built and Created in USA.

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