Hey it’s the new Nook Tablet!!

Barnes & Noble’s attempt to elbow in on this vacation season’s crowded tablet landscape. At $249, the slate is being positioned as an immediate competitor to Amazon’s budget Kindle Fire . Thus so much, the device has nonetheless to capture the public’s imagination in the same means Amazon’s tablet has — due, at least in part, to the numerous similarities between it and last year’s Nook Color. The Tablet offers up double the capacity of its predecessor with 16GB of area — its battery life has also supposedly been improved a small amount, giving an additional hour over the Color, though we’ll have to try to to some additional rigorous testing before we have a tendency to will draw any conclusions on that front.

Externally, the Tablet is virtually indistinguishable from the Nook Color. It’s got the identical dimensions (8.1 x 5.0 x 0.48 inches), making for a tall and slim display. It conjointly rocks that same distinctive bar looping out from its bottom lefthand corner. Barnes & Noble has opted for a lighter silver color scheme here, rather than the Nook Color’s dark gray shell, and has managed to shave a bit of weight from the latest Nook. Therefore it comes in at 14.1 ounces, regardless of its souped-up internals. At 0.48 inches, the tablet is thicker than both the iPad 2 (0.35 inches) and the Kindle Fire (0.45 inches), if only simply barely in the latter case.

The 6″, 600 x 800 pixel grayscale Vizplex eInk show is where you will scan and peruse the bookstore. This screen technology is simple on the eyes and very simple on battery life, thus eBook readers will doubtless last per week or two (with wireless off) on a charge.

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