For those of you who don’t know how to move, GroundWave Shadow Trainers will teach you how to dance like a pro.

The GroundWave Shawdow Trainer by industrial designer Tom Skyes could be a sneaker prototype that’s created to show you the way to move and groove!The shoes are equipped with accelerometer sensors that correspond to an app on the users’ smartphone. The app illustrates the correct manner to do sure dance moves and gives live feedback to let you know if you are extremely shakin’ ’em down.
The prototype kicks have sensors that track the wearer’s movements and connect them to a smartphone app, that offers live feedback. The app can act as a social platform that allows users to share scores and challenges.

Design wise, the sneaker was styled to look energetic and exciting, thus that children would want to still wear the dance/exercise show. It conjointly features some traditional influences from footwear styling, however gives them a distinctive twist, Skyes suggests. It would be pretty cool if it will make it to production, even for those not half of the urban city youth market who just wish to learn the way to shuffle round the dance floor better.

This product combines exercise with video game vogue interaction. Whereas several product, like the Wii approach the union of physical interaction and gaming with combination of the sport and start with the gaming platform, this product offers full attention to the standard of the exercise therefore approaching the combination of games and health.

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