HTC Sensation XL go on sale at the beginning of November across Europe and Asia.You might acknowledge the mug shot from the various leaks below the Runnymede codename, however this phone also bears a definite similarity to the recently announced HTC Titan. It’s carved from an virtually identical 4.7-inch block of machined aluminum, has the identical gorgeous 9.9mm (0.39-inch) thickness, same 800×480 Super LCD show and even the identical 8 megapixel rear camera unit. But there are key variations too: for a start, it packs HTC’s vaunted Beats Audio system licensed from Dr. Dre. Oh, and did we mention this thing is an Android rather than a Windows Phone? 

Too bad XL regrettably isn’t coming to America. For those of you on that facet of the globe should be due for some equivalent or probably even higher model soon.HTC reckons the third phone in its Sensation lineage is meant for a rather completely different sort of user: one who’s willing to just accept certain trade-offs so as to urge that vastly bigger screen.

For a begin, the XL’s Qualcomm MSM8255 1.5GHz processor is only single-core, whereas the Sensation XE is dual-core. This allows the XL to induce away with a rather smaller battery (1600mAh rather than 1730mAh) and is possibly linked to the actual fact that the XL is also 1.4mm thinner than the XE. Vital issue when you’re holding and pocketing handsets of such enormity. Other dimensions are 132.5mm tall and 70.7mm wide.The XL only comes in white with an aluminum panel on its back.

Speaking of the camera, we tend to saw enough to be pretty convinced that the f2.2, 28mm camera with dual LED flash behaves just like that on the Titan, which definitely counts as a plus as a result of the Titan’s camera is super quick, adjusts exposure smoothly, focuses intelligently and takes great shots. The front-facer delivers a decent 1.3 megapixels.

This one might blow your mind up!!!

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