Should You Buy The New Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

Nintendo made the announcement via its official Twitter account on 6 July, but many had speculated that Nintendo’s mid-gen refresher of the Switch would be unveiled at E3 2021 in June. The specifications of the new Switch are in line with the rumors that we have heard about it, and it comes with a 7-inch OLED screen that is bigger than the 6.2-inch LCD display of the Switches.

Several exciting OLED Switch rumors have not materialized, but on the whole, the new Switch is a slight upgrade from the original model : It has no improved processor, its video resolution remains unchanged and we know there are no exclusive software features. The OLED Switch is the obvious choice for newcomers who already own a Switch and find it hard to justify upgrading. It doesn’t come with new, more powerful specifications, but you shouldn’t expect any difference in game or improved graphics.

OLED displays offer a deeper contrast than LCD screens due to the true representation of colors and blacks. The additional screen size of the OLED displays also provides better visibility of how the games look on the Switch, and the OLED screen has the same resolution of 720p as previous Switch versions. The OLED Switch is a good option for people who do not yet have a Switch, but plan to use their console in handheld or docked TV mode.

The interior of the OLED Switch is the same as before, and according to Nintendo the battery life is the same as with the basic Switch model. The sound from the speakers is more than beautiful, and there is an improvement in the quality of life when playing the Switch with headphones. The new screen is nice, but the Switch still runs the games you already own, which are pretty much the same on your current model and look just as good in color.

This means the new Switch OLED model runs on the same processor as the previous model, has the same battery life of 9 hours and offers no improved graphics or dock mode. The Switch Lite, the handheld version of the Switch hardware, is lighter and feels more stable than the original Switch, but at $200 it’s much less than the other switches. Not only can you enjoy a more portable gaming experience with a larger screen, the improved stand makes the portable multiplayer features of the original even more compelling.

The display of the OLED model is larger, but the extra space is offset by the reduction in the bezels on the switch OLED, which means that the entire console did not have to change to accommodate the larger screen. As Nintendo notes, the game experience with the ToyCon accessories of the Nintendo Labo series differs also from the Switch due to the larger screens.

If you treat the current Nintendo Switch like a home console, you can skip the upgrade and stay with the current LCD model. To be fair, if you don’t own a Switch yet, you’ll have to wait another four years to buy Nintendo’s latest hardware. Waiting another three months will not make much difference whether the new OLED Switch is worth it, even if you don’t already own it.

If you already have a Switch, you might think about Switching your console to the OLED model. Let’s say you’re playing on your Switch and it’s connected to a TV, you’ll notice a difference.

One of the great features of the Switch family is the versatility of its controller options. This means that all existing Joy-Con controllers support the OLED Switch console.

The Nintendo Switch OLED increases the total number of Nintendo Switch models to three. This means you may be wondering which version you should buy. The Switch OLED model is not the powerhouse that console gamers have been waiting for but an improved version of this powerhouse. It’s the best-looking model not to join Switch Party, but there are plenty of good reasons to grab the Nintendo Switch in $299 or the $199 Nintendo Switch Lite.

Please be aware that it will cost you $50 more than the current cost of the standard Switch. It’s clear that Nintendo’s new Switch will hit the market this fall, so it makes sense to pre-order one if you’re interested in a good Switch with a good screen. If you want an affordable Switch that doesn’t bother to charge the TV, multiplayer games or things like ringing in an. The Switch Lite is a handheld version of Switch hardware.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model proves that Nintendo is returning to where it was when it launched Powerhouse in 2017. It may not compete in terms of raw performance with Sony’s PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Series S, but it expands Nintendo’s lead in the handheld gaming market.

The Nintendo Switch OLED arrives on October 8 for $349 and upgrades Nintendo’s beloved gaming machine with a more advanced 7-inch display and some neat improvements in quality of life.

As with the cheaper PS5 and Xbox Series X, the price increase seems credible compared to the original Switch, especially considering that the conversion to an OLED screen is a small improvement.

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