The Polk Audio CS10 is very convincing product!!

The sound is nice, enjoyable, and, actually powerful. Your previous product may be disappointing but it have been replaced with strong, clear, crisp, and concise voices and center channel action. The fantastic improvement is center channel conversation. And the clarity of music and Blu Ray DVDs is noticeably enhanced by this speaker. The product are better than others. It is not only sounds great, plus it looks nice also. It incorporates a lovely piano black finish on both sides. It additionally allows you to invert the speaker to position it below your T.V. with an upward angle of about twenty degrees.If you’ve got a nice set of Polk speakers (Front, Center, Surround and perhaps a Sub), and an amp/receiver that has the Dolby Prologic II Music capability engineered in, you should strive taking note of your stereo CDs that manner.

This newer version of Dolby does an excellent job of translating the two channel L/R signal into a surround result, particularly the center channel (that is where the CS 10 shines).The CS10, with Prologic II Music, might improved your music listening experience 100 percent over the 2 channel experience with  Polk R20’s and a good sub woofer.
Don’t miss it!!

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