Intelli ScoutPro 240W Powerbank Fits In Your Pocket

The Intelli ScoutPro is a 24,000 mAh battery that contains carbon atoms in a specific honeycomb-like construction, with a single layer of atom about twice as thick.

Intelli ScoutPro claims to be the world’s smallest 240W powerbank and packs an enormous battery charge into its portable case. With two USB-C and a USB-QuickCharge 3.0 port it also has wireless charging coils on its rubberised top for charging iPhones and Apple Watches. Although small in performance compared to other chargers, the ScoutPro is heavier and larger than other 20,000 mAh powerbanks, which is similar in size and weight to a water bottle.

Equipped with an OLED display, the Intelli ScoutPro is a tiny power bank that outputs 240 Watts, which is impressive for its size. Like the Scout Pro 20000mAh and Scout Max 24000mAh, this pocket-sized powerbank can charge up to 5 devices via USB Type-C Type-A port, of which 2 can be exchanged using a magnet surface spot on the top. If it is a posse charging problem that drains a gadget’s battery quickly, it will be solved.

There are two USB-C ports, a standard USB-A port, a wireless charging area for smartphones and a wireless charging area for smartwatches. There is also an imitation leather pad on the top to avoid scratches while charging the devices. However, in order to operate all five charging ports, two devices must be fully charged.

Intelli integrated a digital charge indicator that remains on its second generation power banks. In contrast to the Eggtronic, the ScoutPro does not include a USB-C power supply for charging the powerbank. In energy-saving mode, we had to search the area for unused power outlets.

The powerbank is released in two versions, 160W Power Delivery ScoutPro and 200W Power Delivery ScoutPro Max. Intelli launched the ScoutPro as the first portable charger that is backwards compatible. In addition to the compatibility with Apple devices, ScoutPro also supports Huawei Supercharge, Oppo and OnePlus 225W Charge, OPPO 40W Charge and Samsung Charge for Galaxy S21, S21 + and Galaxy Note 20.

The Intelli ScoutPro has a 10W magnetic wireless charger, a 5W smartwatch charger, a 100-watt SORT-C port, 60-watt SORTS-C ports, a USB QC30 port and a 1TB system with its next-generation graphene battery. It combines all the chargers you could wish for in one portable system. The makers of the ScoutPro intended to present customers with a compact answer for charging their devices on the go.

Charging phone did not seem to cause a dent in the total storage capacity, which allows you to charge your phone several times before you have to charge the Intelli ScoutPro. One criticism of the ScoutPro is that the display of the battery charge status uses bar rather than the actual numerical display that is found on some Eggtronic powerbanks.

The loading speed of the ScoutPro is a little unknown. The tablet seems to run out of battery faster than the movie. Charging the Intelli ScoutPro with fast charging should take 55-120 minutes when using an Intelli 100W GAN wall charger.

To keep the device fully charged on the go, you can pack a range of chargers.

If you are on the market for a massive portable charger that can charge a laptop for a short period of time or provide multiple charging options for a phone or tablet, Intelli ScoutPro is the charger for you. Intelli claims it can charge up to five devices at a time, but two of them need to be charged wirelessly.

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