March 2012

Sony Walkman NWZ-W252

by Fairul Hafifi

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The Sony Walkman NWZ W252 is a new kind of MP3 player. It has a wire-free, wearable style, that is good for people who wish a music player for the gym and not like the previous version, and more than it is water-proof.It can be quite uncomfy if in use for a prolonged amount of your time as the ear buds are fairly heavy, which is understandable considering the controls and battery are attached to the aspect.This particular model of Sony Walkman is convenient because its all in one design integrates the player into the headphones, therefore there are no cords to tangle on anything and no player to put in your pocket or clip on your shirt. Read more →

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Nokia Purview 808

March 13, 2012

The amazing factor regarding this high-resolution sensor, is that after you shoot during a normal 8MP or 5MP mode, you’ll be able to actually zoom in while not loosing much quality.

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